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Musclecare Elite Team

We are proud to have the support of a group of exceptional athletes.

The MuscleCare Elite Team

Our elite team is made up of top ranking athletes in 8 sports that cross all age groups and demographics. MuscleCare is part of their daily health regime and is one of the reasons that they can continue to perform at the level that they do.

Annabel Elite MuscleCare Team
Annabel van Westerop
Professional Kiteboarder -

Annabel was born and raised in the Netherlands. When she was eleven years old, her parents decided to move to the beautiful island of Aruba… lucky her! During the first few years Annabel was totally into horseback riding, but soon got in touch with kiteboarding.

Annabel’s dad started the sport and as she was only 13, she first took some windsurfing lessons. However, she was always watching her dad and other kiters fly through the air and just couldn’t wait any longer. When she was 14 she took four lessons and was completely hooked! Four years later, Annabel finished high school and started her career as a professional kiteboarder.

2013 was her first full year on the PKRA World Tour. It was a year full of travelling all over the world, learning the different aspects of the sports, and gaining experience in the competition circuit. She still can’t believe that in her first year she placed 3rd overall in the world ranking! Annabel is now motivated for another great year and is excited to join the MuscleCare team!

The Cabrinha Siren Collection- Annabel Van Westerop from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.

Instagram: instagram.com/annabelvw

Website: www.annabelvanwesterop.com


Whitney McClintock Elite MuscleCare Team
Whitney McClintock
Professional Waterskier, 4 x World Champion -

As a professional waterskier, I constantly have sore muscles. MuscleCare allows me to train harder; as soon as I feel sore, I roll on MuscleCare and feel instant relief. My favorite time to use it is in between competition rounds. I often feel fatigued and drained because of the increased intensity in competition. I use MuscleCare to release the tension in my muscles which allows me to feel stronger for the next round!

Jamaal Charles Elite MuscleCare Team
Jamaal Charles
NFL Football Player - Kansas City Chiefs

Whether in the locker room, home, or when I’m traveling on the road, Muscle Care really helps me get rid of those every day aches and pains I get from being knocked around on the field all day. The Roll-On is great for on the go, and the Extra Strength cream is awesome after a long hard day of practice. It’s great that there is finally a product out there that can effectively combat muscle pain.

Glen Davis Elite MuscleCare Team
Glen “Big Baby” Davis
NBA Basketball Player - Orlando Magic

MuscleCare’s all natural pain reliever helps keep me on the court. Not only does the soothing effect have immediate impact, it gives my tissues the “care” they need to heal. During a long NBA season, I am glad to have MuscleCare on my team. It blocks my pain, so I can keep blocking the competition.

Big Baby on the Effectiveness of MuscleCare

Dave Bolland Elite MuscleCare Team
Dave Bolland
NHL Hockey Player - Chicago Blackhawks

From back surgery, to concussions and stiff necks, to the everyday aches and pains of being a checking forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, I can always use a product that helps alleviate the pain and let me focus on my job. Muscle Care is that product.

I use Muscle Care before and after each game. I usually roll on the gel about an hour and a half before I skate and it really loosens up tense muscles and warms up the body before I play. After the game I put the cream on and it helps me stretch out and relax my muscles before I go to bed.


Susi Mai Elite MuscleCare Team
Susi Mai
Professional Kite Boarder -

Susi is one of the most inspirational and decorated female kiteboarders in the world. Her deep passion for growing sport has manifested into a number of creative, innovative and impactful projects, including the annual MaiTai event (dubbed by the media as the “anti-conference” and likened to the prestigious TED conferences), an exclusive kiteboarding camp in Hawaii for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to discuss the future of technology. She’s also worked with Cabrinha to design and develop a line of kiteboarding gear – just for girls – to unveil during the 2013 season, and is the official patron of KiteRight Charity, a non-profit organization that aims to use all kite sports to help improve lives of people that would not normally be able to access the sport. Photo Credit: Quincy Dein