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Our Customers share how MuscleCare has transformed their well-being and performance.

I am so impressed with this product. I haven’t found anything else that works.
[From phone call with customer:] Annette says she would not be getting any sleep at night if it were not for MuscleCare.

Arthritic Knees – Now able to sleep at night pain-free

Seeing great results with my horses!

Seeing great results with my horses!
Gave to some horsey friends too:)
Gel pump is fantastic for the farm.
Thanks again
Ab (Ontario)

Horses use MuscleCare too!

My intake of prescription pain relief has dropped to next to nothing . . .

[MuscleCare] has worked better than any of the other topical applications I have used obviously since I am ordering more.

Better than any other

Your product has given me the freedom to walk and bend and move with ease.

I am a 54-year-old woman who suffers from Spinal Stenosis, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.

Miracle Product!

Pillow changed my life!

I think that pillow has changed my life. My neck is so much better and I don’t look so hunched over! Thanks.

Libby B. – Toronto

MuscleCare Personal Pillow

MuscleCare saved my husband from carpal tunnel surgery.

MuscleCare saved my husband from carpal tunnel surgery.

Saved from surgery. MM, NJ

Muscle Care soothes all the aches

I always have both the Muscle Care cream in my squash bag. After a tough match of chasing and pounding the doubles ball, invariably something hurts.

EB, Squash Pro

MuscleCare is working so well. VERY impressed.


Click image to view video.

Boomerang pro loves MuscleCare

Huge improvement in comfort while on court, then no cramping or limping after.

Used Muscle Care before I played and after I showered on my arches and behind the knee. Huge improvement in comfort while on court, then no cramping or limping after. I actually played [one game], then played 5 games of league a few hours later. Thanks for making that a lot more manageable.

PR, Toronto


Avid squash player

It is the ONLY pillow that is right for me . . .

Hi Dr. Oswald!
I’ve been using your pillow for many many years – from the time it first appeared in Shopper’s Drugmart. It is the ONLY pillow that is right for me, my neck and spine issues. I tried everything (including Obusform) and spent almost $1,000 on pillows before I found yours.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the fabulous pillow you’ve produced and the many years of improved neck and upper back pain it has provided.


MuscleCare Pillow Testimonial

MuscleCare really works and helps me continue to do what I do, day in and day out.

After a lot of nights out in the city, jumping to flat, crash down stairs, and shoveling long hours my body is always shot.

Extreme Skier

. . . it’s an easy on the go remedy . . .

As a professional skateboarder I have broken many bones and strained a lot of muscles and ligaments. Muscle Care is great because it comes in a cream as well as a roll-on which makes it’s an easy on the go remedy when you

Professional Skateboarder

. . . the bumps and bruises I get after a long week of competition melt away.

Being a Pro BMX rider takes a lot of courage, determination, and drive, not to mention landing on a lot of pavement! I

Pro BMX Rider

Used many products and this one was the only one that really worked on pain.

Used many products and this one was the only one that really worked on pain. I have a deep nerve damage in my back and this really helped for hours. Smell is a bit strong for a few minutes but does go away and has never stained cloths. Bit pricey but I guess as long as it works will purchase again.

Great. Five Stars

tried literally every product on the market and nothing has helped relieve the pain….until now!

This product has been a blessing for my 80 year old dad! He has been suffering with severe arthritis in his knee. He had terrible pain 24/7, which was limiting his ability to walk, sit, and sleep. He has tried literally every product on the market and nothing has helped relieve the pain….until now! He has only used this product a couple of times and it has relieved his pain tremendously. Granted, it only gives him a few hours of relief and then he has to use it again…..but any relief of the terrible pain he was having is truly a blessing for him! I am now back to order 2 more sets of this product. Don’t hesitate to give this a try; it really is a terrific product that does what it claims to do!!

This is the Best!!!

I have reordered twice and recommended this item to family and friends.

I have reordered twice and recommended this item to family and friends. I am 66 years old, I have nagging pain and discomfort on my back and knees. After 1/2 hour of applying this medication, I am free of these debilitating aches and can attend to my vegetable garden and other physical activities.

Love this product

Never have I experienced such a relief so fast.

Never have I experienced such a relief so fast. Had a severe muscle cramp in leg a couple of nites ago and I used this took it away within five minutes. GREAT. Please don’t stop carrying this product.


Lo and behold in just a few minutes the cramp was gone.

I received this little gem as a gift from my sister. I had a cramp in my foot so bad this evening. Having read the reviews I thought I’d try it out. Lo and behold in just a few minutes the cramp was gone. I write this review based on one experience but if it keeps working like this call it miracle care! Bravo! And thanks sis!


Husband likes

My husband watched the presentation and asked me to order and he likes it very much.

Five stars!

Absolutely incredible!

Absolutely incredible! The [MuscleCare Maximum Strength] ointment worked instantly.

Michelle – Medical Examiner

a fantastic product for the service of humanity

Hello Dr Chris – I had an opportunity to talk to you a couple of days back I am a Dr from India and had met you in the month of May at the Updates convention and there you had introduced me to one of your amazing product MUSCLE CARE ROLL ON. I had liked it very much and also I had tried the same on my family members. I thank you for bringing in such a fantastic product for the service of humanity. . . .
With regards,
Dr Akil T Sadikot

Medical Doctor

Osteoarthritis relief

I purchased your cream for my osteoarthritis and am using your product on a daily basis

Lisa T. – Zoomer Media

This is the best I have ever tried

I have used a lot of topical pain relief but this is the best I have ever tried. I have had back pain for years and I put this on and it is gone in no time. This is my second order because I don’t want to run out. I will buy this again and it really does work. My sister had a pain in her wrist and I gave it to her to try she couldn’t get over how fast it worked. She also loved it.

Joy S.

No Joke, it works!!!

Saw the demonstration on QVC a couple of months ago,so I said what the heck I’ll give it a try! Love it, works fast and relief from arthritis pain last for hours, better than biofreeze or bengay. Putting in second order today.

Relief from arthritis pain

Best Product

I’ve used different products for my knees. Some products worked okay, but they always had a burning feeling. So I tried this product, it works fast. It does have a strong smell for a little while. But it goes away, and it doesn’t fell like it going to burn your skin . So you can put it on during the day, under clothes. I would say try it, if you don’t like it send it back. I don’t think you will send it back.

Pam D.

It has far surpassed all expectations

It really works. I expected it to help but it has far surpassed all expectations. I use it for my back, hip, shoulder and carpel tunnel, it stopped the ache that would keep me up at night.

This is the bomb!!

I believe in this product.

I ordered this MuscleCare pain reliever roll on gel, and I found it to be extremely helpful. My friend was playing baseball and he got hit on the outside of the knee, just above the knee, thank God. So told him to use the MuscleCare roll on. I said follow the instructions. He did as I asked and he was able to work WITH OUT any pain. I believe in this product. I am happy I ordered it and I have placed another order for an additional 2 MuscleCare Therapy pain reliever roll on gel.

Great Item!!!!

Never want to run out of this.

People……this product works !!!!!!!! And the second best thing about it…….you don’t get it anywhere you don’t want it, like your hands, etc. You just take off the top and roll it where ever you need it and it works FAST, within minutes (less than 5). Both my husband and I LOVE it and I just ordered 4 more…..never want to run out of this. Have so many aches and pains from arthritis to pinched nerve in my back, pain down my leg and arthritis in my toes on one foot. PAIN GONE. I really can’t imagine it not working for everyone. Believe me you won’t be sorry. It has a strong odor, but that goes away. It will feel a little tacky at first, just give it a minute and that is gone too. Never, never want to be without it. Thank you, thank you MuscleCare !!!!!

Absolutely the Best Purchase Ever

Within 30 to 60 seconds I have immediate relief

This was my second purchase of MuscleCare. I was afraid of running out since I have one here at home and the other is at a vacation condo. On rare occasions I experience leg cramps and at the onset I limp to the restroom and quickly roll-on in the affected area the MuscleCare and within 30 to 60 seconds I have immediate relief. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from leg cramps since it is easy to use, very efficient and not messy and acts within less than a minute to stop the suffering.

Charlie Horse Relief

I was so amazed how well it works.

I bought this product to try. I was so amazed how well it works. It helps with the pain and you get relief fast. It does not cure the pain but takes the pain away for a while. I am using one of them all the time and sent the other one for my father-in-law in London. Love, love this product.

Great Product!

I immediately felt relief from the pain in my legs and was able to dance to the fullest of my abilities.

My job as a dancer and instructor requires me to be very physically active and on my feet all day. When I developed shin splints everything about my job became more difficult! I tried everything to alleviate the pain: ice, painkillers and even popular balms that promised pain relief, but unfortunately nothing seemed to work. Thankfully a friend recommended MuscleCare just in time for a heavy performance season! Not only did Muscle Care provide relief from pain but it also helped my shins to heal by releasing the tension that was causing the condition in the first place. Thank you so much MuscleCare!
Diana Einsmann
Instructor, Dancer, Choreographer

Relief from shin splints

no nasty staining or greasy feel

In my opinion, it does allow for a fast soothing and calming effect to the muscles. Reminds me of tiger balm, but no nasty staining or greasy feel. It’s really great for the shoulders and back, while the effectiveness is as fast as less than a minute to soothe the pain in my muscles or joints.

Pretty good product and all natural, without fake ingredients or colors, which means no staining and cancer causing ingredients.

Blog: Test Try Results

Needless to say we are sold on this!

Do your muscles feel tight whether it’s after a work out or a hard days work? If so, do you take something for it? Well, if you do and would rather not take something I have the thing for you! I have had the pleasure of reviewing Muscle Care. This has been great because of the work that my boyfriend does. He is an electrician in the construction field so he is really putting his muscles through the wringer.

You will feel the difference in your muscles after you use it. I applied it to my boyfriend a couple of nights because he had a hard day at work. It was his back that was a bit sore so after he got his shower I had him lay down on the bed and I started applying it. He is one person that is hard to impress when it comes to products like this. Well let me tell you, he loved it!! He said, when he woke up, that he wasn’t hurting like he had before and he felt ready to tackle the day! Needless to say we are sold on this!

Blog: Cassie’s Ramblings

MuscleCare Pain Relieving Gel is so incredible you will wonder how you ever lived without it

MuscleCare Pain Relieving Gel is so incredible you will wonder how you ever lived without it before.

My girlfriend and I are always joking that we are old ladies every time we try to get out of bed or off the couch. We are in our twenties but after care accidents and surgeries we might as well be elderly. The past few weeks we have been sleeping with heating pads and alternating giving massages. I swear between the two of us we have tried every over the counter options under the sun. I was wrong.

When I got the Musclecare Pain Relieving Gel in the mail I whipped it out right away, Desperate for any relief but not expecting too much from a topical analgestic. Man was I surprised! It was a super easy roll on and dried wicked fast with no sticky mess. I felt the effects right away. I felt the alternating heat and cooling for hours. My pain was gone.Not just like a little bit but completely gone!

I couldn’t wait for Nicole to come home so I could show her. She didnt believe me but about 15 minutes later MuscleCare proved her wrong! Obviously I knew it would having used it all day myself of course.

– See more at: http://www.ohmygoodiesfreebies.com/2014/06/musclecare-review.html#sthash.mmCV6Zj5.dpuf

Blog: Oh My Goodies

Its a full 10 in my book! LOVE IT!

Anyone out there with pain? Arthritis? I know I review a lot and I love a lot. But this one I have to praise REALLY PRAISE.

I wanted to try this. One, because I had just started an exercise routine and Frankly a body not used to doing physical activity tends to be in pain after a hard work out. Second, because my husband has arthritis. He is always in pain and I was on full hope mode that this would help.

We have tried all the store brands, even prescriptions that do not even come close.

I have plantar fasciitis … For those of you out there WHO DO NOT KNOW. It hurts. BADLY. My doctor has prescribed this cream that I am to rub in. It works to a point. Out of curiosity since it had done so well on my arms and legs (even bum from squats) I decided to give it a try on my foot.

The one I tried comes in a roll on applicator.

I rolled that sucker on my foot and I swear almost instantly the pain was gone. “I realize this medicine does not say it can help the pain from a foot disorder. But me as a user am here to tell you THAT IT DOES! It was quicker to relieve the pain, quicker than even my prescribed medicine. It worked better too. You can bet your bum I plan on telling my doctor this too. I would use this stuff for my foot alone.

But I will continue with the review. My husbands body is riddled with arthritis due to his LYME disease. It helps. It didn’t take his pain away completely. But It helped. His knees didn’t feel as stiff. His hands were a more easily flexed.

I used this on my neck “From a night of sleeping wrong” It helps. I do not know what they put in it to make this stuff take that pain. But I am sure glad they did. This stuff will never not be in my home. After trying it. After seeing the benefits. I would be a fool to try something else.

Its a full 10 in my book! LOVE IT! love that I don’t hurt the moment I roll it on!

Blog: It is what it is

I Highly recommend this great product

Today I received the Dr. Oswald’s Professional Therapy MuscleCare Extra Strength Pain Relieving Gel Roll-On free of charge for my honest Review. This is a Wonderful product, I put it on and it smells so great of Menthol and Camphor, I Loved the MuscleCare even more after I applied it. The Pain Relieving Gel Roll On began working in just a few minutes better and better as time went on with a great sensational feeling. I have been lifting weights and my right arm near the elbow really has been hurting. The MuscleCare Roll-On removed the pain in my arm and replaced it with a penetrating pain relief of cool Menthol and Camphor. I Highly recommend this great product that can be purchased on Amazon or the MuscleCare website. Thank you for reading my Review of Dr. Oswald’s Professional Therapy MuscleCare Extra strength Pain Relieving Gel Roll-On.


A (former) skeptic –

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not like to take anything for pain if I don’t have to… I try to stay away from aspirins of any kind, sprays and rub-ons but sometimes the pain is just so bad that I feel I have no choice, if I don’t want to suffer. When it comes to roll-ons or ointments for pain relief, I am even more of a skeptic… due to the fact that I have bought some in the past that did absolutely nothing.

I recently had the opportunity to review a roll-on gel made by Dr. Chris Oswald called MuscleCare and I have to say that I am actually surprised at how amazing this stuff is, not only does it relieve my pain when it is on but even the after effect is great. Within a day or two of one of my strenuous toning sessions and just a one time minimal use per day, I usually just apply it before bed, my pain is gone and I am ready to go at it again. I learned my lesson the hard way, of course applying it without reading any instructions, I loaded up my back with the roll-on, at first not feeling anything and thinking that this was just going to be another dud, then within a few minutes I could feel the tingling sensation and realized that I had put too much on. Oops… Regardless of my mistake, I was instantly wowed, even my husband, who is a skeptic of anything that I get for review purposes has used it and was extremely happy with how it helped him.

Blog: The Mommy Mix

It went to work right away allowing me to get a good night

Having tried many products on the market with minim or no relief I was skeptical to try something new. Normally I use Ice cold analgesic or hot blue ice analgesic rub, which heats up then cools down. Nonetheless I decided to give Dr. Chris

Today’s Woman Blog

I forgot about my ache, because it was gone!

I was very happy to receive an opportunity to try out this product called MuscleCare. My husband was tearing apart the back porch and he must have pulled a muscle or something in his one arm and it was at the upper part of his arm. I told him about what was in that one package that was in his truck. He said lets try it. At first he said it was so a cooling feeling and then it just seemed to ease that achy feeling from using that arm wrong.

I also injured myself as some of you already know from my previous post. I think and still hope it was just a sprain! It starts to ache and I also tried the MuscleCare and wow! The hubby was right about that cool soothing feeling and in a little while I realized that I forgot about my ache, because it was gone! I have to say this is an awesome product and I love it! I use it when my ankle starts to ache a little when I been up on it too long.

One of the best parts is this product doesn

Blog: Marie Baker – DAK

I could tell within seconds it was working . . .

I cannot tell you how this showed up in perfect timing. My neck and shoulders have been killing me. With working out all day long trying to get fit I think I have pulled every muscle in my body. I love that this is a roll on it is very easy to use and I don

Blog: Tabby’s Pantry

I highly recommend the MuscleCare!!

My husband really loves MuscleCare. His shoulder was hurting him,so he rolled on the MuscleCare on his shoulder and within minutes his shoulder wasn’t hurting him anymore!! I highly recommend the MuscleCare!!

Blog: Vruth’s Giveaways

. . . awesome & fast results.

When my Muscle Care Roll-Ons arrived right away I looked on the back to see the active ingredients, what were they? Menthol & camphor, yup that

Blog: Natural & Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Check out what doctors, nurses and pharmacists are saying about MuscleCare . . .

Thumb test video

MuscleCare Thumb Tests at Primary Care Today

MuscleCare is one of the best products for aches and pains that I have tried

I have arthritis throughout my whole body but mostly my back, shoulders and hips so I

Alaina – London, ON

It is a Miracle Product

I was very skeptical of all the hype-because I have tried everything, for joint and arthritis
pain. But this product is miraculous…. About two days after I received it an unbelievable
pain was in my ankle/calf; I couldn’t walk or move my foot. I had the box of MuscleCare sitting next to me. I thought this will be a real test. You won’t believe it but within two minutes the pain was gone. Just as they said when QVC advertised it. It is a miracle.


Instant Relief

My husband and I use this when we have muscle aches and have almost instant relief. No stinky smell! So easy to use. We love it! Keep it coming!


Pain no more!

Let’s face it, we’re getting older! I turned 50 this year and OMG the aches and pains I have… I realized that my dominant hand has been hurting in the knuckles, and I refuse to believe this could be the onset of arthritis. I’d rather not take any medication, so thought I’d give this a try. Well, this morning, as I reached for my “miracle cure” I decided to test it to see how long till the “no pain zone”. JUST SHY OF 2 MINUTES! There is no medication that I know of that works this fast. Furthermore, I know I won’t need another application till this evening. Really peeps out there, you must give this a try. I think the good Doctor from Canada has hit the jackpot! Please keep this in stock!


One of the very best

This is a great product to help pain. It is one of the very best…as a matter of fact, I think I would say it is the best temporary pain relief I have ever used.


It works!

I used this product on my joints in my hands and my arthritis stopped hurting so that I could work and then sleep. It goes on wet and then dries quickly. It’s light smell goes away very quickly.


It Really Works!

I was a bit worried about this purchase, but after I received it I quickly changed my mind. This product has been a god send for me. It dries very quickly when you roll it on and you can instantly feel its benefits go to work. It lasts quite a while. I am very happy I tried it!



At first, I did not like the intense cooling sensation. At first, I did not like the camphor smell. And then, IT HAPPENED!!! I could lift my arm without feeling like there was a sharp object between my bones! I could get up without the bursitis in my left hip going berserk!! I slept so very solidly, because my shoulders did not have shooting pain. The relief does lift after several hours, but re-application does the trick. Thank you for this wonderful product. I do not like taking pills, and this targets the afflicted area without side effects!


A Blessing!

I get foot and leg cramps during my sleep. Muscle Care allows me to apply and return to sleep in minutes. A Blessing. Thank you. Will definitely pack for my next trip!

Pastor R.

Wonder product

Helped me with my migraines. Thank you so much for this product! Does not cure but oh my does it sure help!

Migraine sufferer


We found this product to be extremely effective for relieving muscle spasms and pain in the legs, back, and hands. After trying all the ineffective drug store brands, we are so happy to have this available. The smell is peppermint-like, very slight, and fades quickly. The roll-on container is convenient, easy to grasp, and easy to use and store. The liquid is very thin, clear, and absorbs into skin very quickly. We had no problem with it getting onto our clothing.


Knock my socks off!

I purchased this for a friend to try and then severely strained my knee. After an evening of pain and difficulty sleeping, I remembered this and tried it. OMG! It was Immediate and I did not have to reapply it until evening. I then added to my back which has 20+ years of auto accidents and continuous pain. It relieved so much of that and I slept really well for the first time in a while.


Better than any over-the-counter i have tried

As a 66 yr old woman with rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years, I am always willing to try a new product for temporary relief of pain. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago and have found this roll-on to be very effective. There is a camphor odor..which I don’t mind and it doesn’t linger long. This product is now my go-to and I have given away all my other OTC products!

Nurse and Grandmother

Better than I expected!

I have been having a shoulder problem for almost a year and nothing shows on x-rays and I hate the smell and messy otc products so took a chance on this when I saw the presentation. IT WORKS!!!!! I used this for three days and after that my shoulder was 99% better and has stayed that way for a couple weeks so far. Yesterday I used it on my knee and calf and today, no pain!



I made this purchase fully expecting to have to send it back. I was amazed that it worked the first time I used it. I have a lot of back/spine issues and use it in a few different places. Relief is not instant but before I know it I feel great. I keep the 2nd bottle in my desk at work in case I have to reapply it.


Husband no longer uses a crutch or cane

This product has really helped my husband’s ankle. He would have to use a crutch or cane to get out of the car on Mondays after being off his ankle all weekend and then going back to work on Monday. It is not a “cure all” and he still limps some but this had really helped him so much. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.



I use this every night and sometimes during the day. I really thought it would not work, boy was I wrong. I have EXTREME problems with my hip, knee and ankle from an old injury. This takes the EDGE OFF the pain, so I can sleep without pain killers! I like the “peppermint” smell, it is nice, it truly is NOT greasy and the peppermint smell wears down really quick, so I am never without it. One last note, I am going to order another set, since my neighbor tried it for her arthritis in her hands and wrist. She was AMAZED also! She is very 100% German woman who is VERY opinionated and let me tell you, she asked for this for Christmas. I laughed and gave her one, so I will be getting more of these. THANK you for this it really takes off the edge. It is not a cure, but it does allow me to NOT take the pain killers that I know is bad for you. THANK YOU THANK YOU for this product.


Works for Nana’s aches & pains

I purchased this for my mom to try. She is riddled with arthritis and she says it does help her with her aches and pains. She just applies it to whatever is bothering her like her knee or her shoulder. She says it helps her with the pain and that it has relieved the pain completely. I know it must work as she asked me to buy her more and she has tried other products that did not help at all. If it didn’t work she never would have asked for more.

Arthritis relief


I play golf (a lot) and after a long day my back lets me know about it. I’ve tried other creams and they help for awhile. I figured I’d give this a try. It is wonderful. I put it on before I play, at the turn and when I finish. It works. Smell is a little strong but it goes away. Won’t be without it.

Avid Golfer – Oklahoma

Muscle spasms relieved!

I, like many was skeptical but I had to try this. I was pleasantly surprised at how it works!! Yes, it does have a strong scent initially but that fades quickly. I suffer with foot cramps as well as restless leg symptoms every night but this product makes the foot cramps stop after only a couple of minutes and it also helps immensely with the restless leg. I put it on my leg before I get into bed and it keeps the symptoms from appearing. I will be ordering more. I can ignore the initial scent of the product but I can’t ignore the pain and sleeplessness I have if I don’t use the MuscleCare!!! You have nothing to lose by trying it right??



This is great. I am 60+ and am a cashier. I am lifting heavy things all day and when I go home I ache all over. I applied this to my aches and they all went away.


You have to try it! You’ll love it!

Wow.. please do not go out of business. This product has brought my lower back, finger joints and on occasion the bottoms of my feet instant relief. You have to try this product to believe it! You wont be sorry!


You have to try it……….

The relief is almost instantaneous. Great product.


Great for Leg Cramps in the middle of the night!!!

“I have this sitting on the nightstand next to my bed for those leg and foot cramps that show up in the middle of the night. I used to have to get out of bed and walk or rub my leg/foot for a good 10-20 minutes before the cramp would go away. Now I just grab this and roll it on the cramp area, and the cramp goes away almost instantaneously! I don’t even have to get out of bed and walk around! “


Your product has given me hope

Tara Tweets:

Tara Muldoon

MuscleCare has helped alleviate the pain and provide a more sound sleep.

I was fortunate enough to use Dr. Chris Oswald

Dawn from Ontario

I can

I used MuscleCare when I got home and again before I went to bed. Woke up and the pain was gone. In fact, I can

Stephen – Toronto

Patients report a much stronger effect and longer lasting . . .

Patients report that MuscleCare is helpful with TT headaches, OA of the knees, RC calcification, costochondritis, various tendonopathies and sprain/strains. Patients report a much stronger effect and longer lasting than [the other product that we used to carry at this clinic]. Very positive response and desire to purchase.

Ottawa Chiropractor


My wife tried the MuscleCare sample you gave me. She had hurt her back skiing. She called it

Michael – Toronto

MuscleCare is the only thing that eases the pain in my arm so that I can sleep.

I’ve tried everything on the pain relief shelf at the drugstore and none of it worked!

Eleanor – Ottawa

I have fibromyalgia . . .

I found the product at a local Golf Town store here in Quebec, since we don

Judy from Quebec

I am a long time tennis player and now a golfer and suffer from the old Tennis Elbow

I was in Walgreens where I picked up your product Muscle Care.(the roll on).
I am a long time tennis player and now a golfer and suffer from the old Tennis Elbow as we know it. The MuscleCare has been so effective, even on old nursing aches and pains in my back. Not only for myself has the MuscleCare been so effective , both my sons play rugby and it has been very successful for them as well, specifically on a nagging calf injury.

Lindy – Australia

Nothing I’ve tried has seemed to help until the MuscleCare you sent arrived.

I am a bar tender and I have to say thank you so much for the MuscleCare. I work on my feet 8-12 hours a day and have had 2 spinal surgeries.

Paul – Toronto bartender

This product is fabulous.

This product is fabulous. I have been in the worst kind of pain for many days and I do take pain killers. There was not a great deal of relief until today when I applied MuscleCare and it is fabulous. In future I will not be without it.

Adele – Toronto

I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from severe pain.

I am on the list for a knee replacement and thought I would give this a try.

Barbara from Ontario

You must try this, it will get rid of your pain.

The rollon is great, easy to apply, I am in 24/7 pain and this stuff works better than kayla, you must try this, it will get rid of your pain.

Eva from Ontario

I highly recommend this product.

I use this product on a daily basis for arthritic pain with excellent result. You can use it up to 4 times per day and I use it when I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night. The fact that I get immediate pain relief means I can limit my use of anti-imflammatory pills. I highly recommend this product.

Sandra from Quebec

Definitely worth the money.

This ointment is amazing. My husband has had daily neck, back & shoulder pain for a couple of years. He has been to therapy several times with not much success in managing the pain, has tried several different rubs & ointments but this MuscleCare for whatever reason really works.

Cheryl from Nova Scotia

I have 2 replaced knees and MuscleCare really helps.

This stuff works! I

Anita – South Carolina

I suffer from a herniating lower disc, fibromyalgia and sciatica.

I suffer from a herniating lower disc, fibromyalgia and sciatica. I buy our MuscleCare rollon from QVC. I called you before one time to thank you for MuscleCare being such a good product.
I also wanted to thank you for the insert providing stretches to do and to say you gave me more information here than I got from my pain management nurse that prescribes my pain medicine in 2 years. How pathetic is that!

Patricia – Maryland

Muscle Care has made a huge difference in my life in a short period of time! Thank you!

I’ve been using Muscle Care for 3 weeks now and it’s made a world of a difference. I’ve fought chronic lymphocytic leukemia for about 5 years and one of the side affects of chemotherapy has been severe peripheral neuropathy pain. I’m also a long distance/marathon runner, therefore it adds to the pain on my body. Applying Muscle Care to my legs and lower back before/after running or when neuropathy pain attacks, quickly decreases the discomfort tremendously. The non-greasy texture of it makes it a breeze to wear as well. Muscle Care has made a huge difference in my life in a short period of time! Thank you!

Alex – California

I strongly recommend it.

I recently had knee replacement surgery. I often use Dr. Chris Oswald’s MuscleCare to relieve pain and stiffness. It is soothing and provides immediate relief. I strongly recommend it.

David – Ontario

Great stuff!

Great stuff!

Ann – Florida

This stuff is wonderful!

This stuff is wonderful! I had a knee replacement and the pain went right away.

Betty – Florida

I love the product!

I love the product!

Harold – New York

This is truly the only help that allows me to NOT have to be constantly popping pain pills . . .

Professional Therapy extra strength pain relieving gel roll-on.

Gigi – Nevada

location Nevada


location MI

This product is pretty exceptional! MuscleCare is a superior product . . .

This product is pretty exceptional!

MuscleCare is a superior product

Osteoarthritis sufferer gains relief –

I am overwhelmed by your generous package of Muscle Care products. I am using both the roll on and cream twice (sometimes three times) a day and what a difference I am feeling in the level of pain in those arthritic parts of my body. As I mentioned before, the pain is not gone, but the relief is amazing, especially immediately following application. Plus, overall the movement and flexibility I have in my hands is so much greater. I would awake and have to stretch them out of a closed position. Now, I don’t even think about doing that – they are already open and ready to function. I still have joint pain but it is so much more tolerable especially after I apply MuscleCare.

My doctor looked over the ingredients and said there is no pharmaceutical product that he could recommend that would be any better for me. There are lots of things for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis but not for those of us with Osteoporosis. So he is anxious to follow my progress. I have been faithful in using the products – it’s now been 8 weeks and I use them, at least, twice a day.
Thank you again!

Sue R. – Copperopolis, CA

Osteoarthritis sufferer – huge improvement with MuscleCare

Hi, Dr. Chris – I wanted to check in with you because I’m sure you must be really eager to hear,


MuscleCare Top Joint Pain Relief on the beach
Thanks for saving our vacation

Just days before my wife and I were going on vacation to The Riviera Maya I strained my neck at the gym. I could just imagine myself laying uncomfortably all day and missing the snorkeling, fishing, and other excursions that we love to do. Thankfully I had my supplies from Dr. Chris and by the time we arrived I was able to fully enjoy all of my usual pastimes, as well as adding kiteboarding lessons.

Cameron and Pamela Kimball

I can now take fewer Percocets if I use MuscleCare

MuscleCare Provides Instant Relief

I have not taken a Percocet since I’ve used Musclecare.

You gave me a tube of Muscle Care to try and I wanted to let you know that I am pain free and walking again without crutches. I have been applying it every night and used the roll on during the day. I am using the ointment morning and night but have been doing well since I first used it. Saw results immediately! I have not taken a Percocet since.

Don Gibson

What a magnificent product the Extra Strength Roll-On is.


Santiago J.

After 3 days I was able to walk without pain.

I have a knee that the cartilage was replaced in 25 years ago. it wasn

Georgette Scripter

Chris and Dave B May 2014
As a physical player in the NHL the bumps and bruises are endless.

From back surgery, to concussions and stiff necks, to the everyday aches and pains of being a checking forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, I can always use a product that helps alleviate the pain and let me focus on my job. Muscle Care is that product.

I use Muscle Care before and after each game. I usually roll on the gel about an hour and a half before I skate and it really loosens up tense muscles and warms up the body before I play. After the game I put the cream on and it helps me stretch out and relax my muscles before I go to bed. I

David Bolland

Toronto Maple Leafs

Stanley Cup Champion, World Junior Gold Medalist & Memorial Cup Champion

location Toronto, ON

Dr. Oswald’s MuscleCare was a constant source of pain relief.

I just completed my first ultra run – The Canadian Death Race- 125 km of double track, gravel roads and hill climbs and descents. I finished 16th out of 418 crazy soloists. With a great deal of training and time on your feet to prepare, the legs take a pounding. Dr. Oswald’s MuscleCare was a constant source of pain relief. I keep a bottle at home, up at the cottage and one in the car at all times. I applied it whenever the opportunity arose. I certainly can say that it played a big part in enabling me to complete the race and it is playing a big part in my recovery.


Canadian Death Race Competitor

location Toronto, ON

Muscle Care is great because it comes in a cream as well as a roll-on which makes it an easy on the go remedy when you

As a professional skateboarder I have broken many bones and strained a lot of muscles and ligaments.

Greg Lutzka

Professional Skateboarder

Once the winter weather starts, I have a hard time keeping my feet warm.

Having ridden horse in the cold for years and years, I have circulation problems in my toes and feet. Once the winter weather starts, I have a hard time keeping my feet warm. I have been using Dr. Oswald



location Toronto, ON

Honestly, it

Hey there! Brought the little bottle of gold (Muscle Care Roll-On) with me and I’m using it on the kids as they have some aches and pains from day one. Honestly, it


Ski Coach

location Toronto, ON

From personal experience I can tell you that it works for things nothing else does.

I can tell you that my patients generally like the smell of the MuscleCare and how quickly it goes away. They also love how fast it dries and that it won’t stain clothing. From personal experience I can tell you that it works for things nothing else does. I use it on my neck and along the base of my skull and it greatly helps when I have migraines.



location Toronto, ON

Patients not only

As a registered massage therapist of 12 years I have provided treatments to numerous


Registered Massage Therapist

I can’t remember when my lower back felt this loose.

I used MuscleCare when I got home and again before I went to bed. Woke up and the pain was gone. In fact I can’t remember when my lower back felt this loose. Thanks!


Lower Back Pain Sufferer

location Toronto, ON

I continue to recommend it to anyone who has a muscle ache.

I want to thank you for directing me to “Dr. Oswald’s Muscle Care.” It’s the greatest – I’m on my 4th bottle because I keep giving it to friends. It really works – I’ve been using it on backs, knees, hips, for foot cramps and hand and wrist cramps. Love the roll-on – it dries quickly so my clothes don’t get grease marks. But mostly I love it because it works!


Avid Gardener

location Orangeville, ON

It gives immediate relief and allows me to sleep better at night and feel better during the day.

Thank you so much!

Whitney McClintock

National Waterskiing Champion

location Toronto, ON

When I used the MuscleCare Maximum Strength Ointment the pain disappeared completely. It was simply magic!

Thank you, thank you for introducing me to MuscleCare! It literally saved my life (as I know it). I had this excruciating pain in my right thigh. It was


81 Year Old Latin Dancer

location Thornhill, ON

In my 71 years it’s the best thing I’ve found to reduce my aches and pains.

As far as I can see, there are definitely two things one must have in their lives to live comfortably and that is chiropractic and Dr Oswald’s Muscle Care pain relieving gel. In my 71 years it’s the best thing I’ve found to reduce my aches and pains.


71-year-old with acute sciatica

location Burlington, ON

I applied the ice gel before bed that night and for the first time in years was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain.

Dear Dr. Oswald, I’m writing to tell you that your ice gel product has been a miracle for me! I have had chronic lower back pain for over 15 years. My husband brought the ice gel home for me to try and though I couldn’t imagine a topical treatment could make a difference it did! I applied the ice gel before bed that night and for the first time in years was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. I have continued to use it and am grateful for this wonderful product.


50 year-old chronic pain sufferer

location Toronto, ON

I have been using the MuscleCare ice roll on since March and the pain level from the arthritis has dropped dramatically.

I am 76 years old and have had 2 knee replacements and a shoulder replacement and suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. I have been using the MuscleCare ice roll on since March and the pain level from the arthritis has dropped dramatically. I have been able to decrease my medication intake of pain relievers and can do more than I’ve been able to do for many years.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferer

location Brownsville, KY