Effective Solutions for Lower Left Back Pain

Posted by Dr. Chris Oswald on 2016-04-22

Lower Left Back Pain WomenAfter 28 years in clinical practice as a chiropractic doctor at #cffhp I had never thought that I would write an article “lower left back pain”. But, I should have done it long ago. Why? It is one of the most common types or locations of back pain we see.

To prove my point:

  • 116 million people live with chronic pain in the USA.
  • 50 million are diagnosed with arthritis.
  • 5-10 million have fibromyalgia.
  • 8 out of 10 people suffer from lower back pain.
  • 25% of the population in the United States have had or have pain in their lower back lasting one whole day in the last three months.
  • Average age of onset lower back pain is 15 years old.
  • #1 cause of disability in the world.
  • Lower Back Pain contributes to 10.7% of total years lived with disability
  • 2010 global burden of disease report in The Lancet 2012- spinal disorders.

It is strange that we rarely do we hear about left-sided lower back pain provided there is such a staggering amount of afflicted people. With 20,000 patient evaluations from age 6 to 96, I am well-qualified to help people and chronic pain sufferers to understand why lower left back pain is both common and very serious as well as provide insight into how we can relieve this type of pain.

What’s Causing my lower left back pain?

With the majority of the population being right-handed, we think the right side is used more and should hurt more. Yes, many people lean to the right side and contract the right paraspinal tissues and the facet joints. Which one would think would mean right sided pain. However, upon assessment we see more left sided complaints.

Our explanation is as follows – The nervous system is a constantly automatic and adapting machine.

Paraspinal contraction on the right side of the body stimulates the brain to put force on the left hip flexor group. (originates in the hip anteriorly and inserts in the spine at the back on the left side lumbar 5 to thoracic 12) The left hip flexor causes a substantial strain on the descending colon and gynecological tissues. It lines the pelvis and sacroiliac joints (SI joint) and causes strain on the SI joint and gluteus and piriformis contracts. These muscles irritate the left sciatic root often causing left leg and hip pain. The hip flexor pulls the spine forward to off load the right lower back joints which lessens right sided back pain. The left hip flexor puts a great strain on the thoracic lumbar junction which aggravates these nerves that refer to the left flank area and the and left lower abdomen as well as the lateral abdominal wall. Over time the left hip flexor places more strain on the hip joint and wear and tear or osteoarthritis is likely. This joint can refer pain to the back or side of the hip.

Always Consult a Chiropractor

We’ve discussed the effects on the inside of the colon and pelvic organs. Irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and colitis for instance often refer pain to the nerves of the back and in practice we are affected on the left side much more commonly than right. We highly suggest seeking a chiropractor as a first approach and for more comprehensive examination, x-rays and treatment.

The American College of Physicians and the Harvard Health Review openly support chiropractic manipulation of spinal disorders. A 2013 study by Dr. C Giertz of 1,885 workers found that only 1.5% or workers whose first provider was a chiropractic doctor had lower back surgery within 3 years compared to the 42% whose first provider was a surgeon.

Chiropractic treatments are much more effective than conventional medicine in treating lower back pain: 46.1% vs 12.4%. Eisenberg et al, Harvard national study.

“No narcotics, no drugs in MuscleCare.” Dr. Wendy Graham

How do I relieve my back pain?

MuscleCare Topical Pain Relief
Drugs may reduce the pain and can be used in cooperation with chiropractic care but drug therapy alone will not provide the patient with an understanding of cause and the complex biomechanical issues that often exist. We strongly recommend an assessment and an explanation from a licensed chiropractor to help patients understand their own genetic blueprint or injury.

One scientifically proven method of relieving left lower back pain is using MuscleCare and its topical pain relief formula. Its all natural formula means it’s safe to use (even in pregnancy) and its doctor developed and tested formula provide effective back pain relief. In combination with chiropractic treatments and lower back stretches, Musclecare is proven to make a difference to your struggle with the chronic pain in your lower back.