Back Pain

Life isn’t easy when suffering from upper or lower back pain. Simple tasks like picking up something off the ground are made near impossible as the pain gets to be more and more intense.

Back pain is one of the leading causes of worldwide disability and one of the most common reasons seek out a chiropractor. In all cases, pain in the lower back is intensified if not taken care of after it first occurs.

Our company’s mission is centred around relieving muscle and joint pain and giving people freedom to go about their daily lives as they see fit.

That’s why as an extension of our commitment to aid in the prevention and relief of back pain, we’ve created this blog to offer some further insight into this unfortunate condition suffered from by millions. In these posts we will explore the causes of severe, acute and chronic back pain, how to prevent it and how MuscleCare’s topical pain relief formula works to get you back on your feet and feeling great again.

Lower Back Pain? This is the right way to sit at your office desk

Posted by Dr. Chris Oswald on 2016-08-24

Work has the tendency to be a pain. Fast approaching deadlines, tough clients, and difficult co-workers are known to be a prevailing cause. However, if you aren’t watching the way you sit at your desk – the pain you experience at work can be more of a physical nature. Right now, lower back pain will...

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Effective Solutions for Lower Left Back Pain

Posted by Dr. Chris Oswald on 2016-04-22

After 28 years in clinical practice as a chiropractic doctor at #cffhp I had never thought that I would write an article “lower left back pain”. But, I should have done it long ago. Why? It is one of the most common types or locations of back pain we see.

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Conquering Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Posted by Dr. Chris Oswald on 2016-04-14

Though muscle and joint pain is something that is considered common and to be expected among pregnant women, it is something that definitely can and should be avoided. If not properly attended to, the sharp pains you are getting used to could eventually lead to long term chronic back pain. Many sufferers say that their...

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