Financial Strain Weighing On Our Health

Posted by Shannon Wright on 2015-01-26

Financial strain has a significant impact on ones health …….written by a chiropractor

Why a chiropractor you might ask? Shouldn’t this be written by a financial analyst?
No and here’s why… Chiropractic doctors build relationships with patients like virtually no other health discipline and the better the relationship the better the sharing of information and hence the better one can correlate cause and effect relationships or shall we say cause and ill effect relationships?

Chiropractic doctors treat pain that general arises from the spine and much of the time has its origin not only in joint and muscle dysfunction but in degeneration or various degrees of wear and tear of the joint systems
Chiropractors use two major means to assess their patients listening because 80% of most medical diagnoses can be made simply by asking the right questions and listening . The second means of assessing is to palpate or to feel the muscles and joints for spasm or inflammation or heat or stiffness to name a few.

It doesn’t take long for a doctor like this to recognize what LIFESTYLE triggers are setting off the patients symptoms and then helping to show that particular patient the correlation.

For example, I saw a patient who was very wealthy but very busy building his third tech company to sell and had so much stress that his lower back needed adjusting every WEEK!
More money was going out than in during their rapid growth and his weakness in his kinetic chain ( and we all have them ) was his lower back.

Financial stress is one of the largest triggers to a human body and this is based on assessing and managing over 12,000 different patients over 26 years
Financial stress response in the body parallels the stress of loosing a loved one and is sometimes even worse because financial stress often goes on for years.

Back to our case study of MC … After a year and a half of intense stress he sold his third business for an astronomical amount of money and for the next year I didn’t see him at all. It wasn’t because he moved to Europe he still lived a few blocks from the office. He just didn’t have the stressor any longer
When he finally did call to make an appointment after one year I asked him what was wrong and he said “nothing … I just wanted to pop in a say hello, I missed you”. His back was fine all because of money or the removal of financial stress.


Dr. Chris.