Stretching For Fitness, Health and Performance


Stretching For Fitness, Health and Performance by Dr. Christopher A. Oswald & Dr. Stanley N. Basco

Need to stay loose and limber? Find it tough to keep those muscles and joints healthy, pain-free, and working well? This is the user-friendly manual that will protect you from injury, whatever your fitness level or age. A North American best seller, this book is designed for everyday use as well as for sports, and written by two chiropractors: Dr Christopher Oswald and Dr Stanley Bacso, it supplies all the basic and advanced concepts of stretching for optimal performance. By following these explicit movement by movement instructions, with hundreds of accompanying photos, you can:
– prevent on-the-job muscle strain and backaches from heavy physical labor
– drain emotional stress from a tense body
– find ideal stretching routines for plane, car, or office
– improve your performance in every sport
– get a good stretch in the morning bath or shower–in only 10 minutes!
– sneak in quick stretches during the day to rejuvenate your system
– follow programs for everyone from seniors and athletes to adolescents