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    See how Musclecare
    changes lives.


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    Do your research, we have!

    Musclecare proven to outperform Biofeeeze and Icy Hot

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    Do your research, we have!

    Motherisk University of TORONTO study proves Musclecare safe to use when pregnant or nursing.

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    Do your research, we have!

    Musclecare all natural matches the pain relief of Voltaren NSAID/drug cream in U of T performance lab study

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    Musclecare contains more active ingredients than its competitors, so it relieves pain faster.

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    Save on pain
    relief today!


Musclecare: scientifically proven all natural topical Pain, Inflammation and Muscle spasm relief.

  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Clean and preservative free
  • Safe Pain relief for all ages!
  • Health Canada NPN and USA/FDA/ NDC registered
  • Pain relief designed to reduce the side effects of PILLS
  • Feel relief in just 30 seconds!

Let Musclecare help you!

Meet Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Oswald, Chiropractor, Author and Entrepreneur who's motivation comes from helping people get out of pain faster. Meet Dr. Chris Oswald, CEO and Founder of MuscleCare and President of The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy offices.

Musclecare is sold ONLY online

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The Musclecare Mission

To help people live healthier and more productive lives by offering scientifically proven all natural products that provide safe, effective relief to muscle and joint pain, inflammation and spasm.

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